Jade: An Ancient Beauty Tool?

August 15, 2017


Growing up in a Chinese-Vietnamese family, my mother, grandmother, and aunts would almost always be wearing some sort of jade jewelry on, at the very least a jade bangle that ranged in color from a beautiful deep emerald to pale green. The enduring popularity of jade within Chinese culture is largely due to its symbolic nature. This precious stone represents status, spirituality, purity, as well as health. Although most of jade’s associated health benefits are metaphysical (from releasing soothing energy to protecting wearers from negativity), jade can be used as a functional beauty tool.


Used for centuries by elite Chinese women, jade rollers are becoming more and more popular across the globe and skincare lovers are taking notice. Jade is carved, polished and attached to a metal apparatus that enables it to roll over the face. This rolling movement can help release facial tension, promote lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation. Also, the natural coldness of the gemstone (which can be increased with the help of storing it in a refrigerator) may help to de-puff the area around the eyes, where water retention can be high. This useful gadget essentially acts as an iron that helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines while giving your face muscles a nice, deserving massage.


Although these benefits are not guaranteed for all, it doesn’t hurt to indulge in a DIY face massage with the help of a jade roller every so often. I even sometimes get lost in the pleasant feel of loosening up my facial muscles with the roller...it's quite relaxing! Moreover, using a clean jade roller after applying a serum or moisturizer can help enhance the penetration of ingredients so that you can get the most out of your skincare products!


Have you used a jade roller? What are your thoughts? Share your comments below!

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