Face Oils: The Supporting Star in Your Skincare Routine

December 11, 2015


Winter is nearly upon us! To keep your skin extra hydrated through this cold, dry season try incorporating a face oil into your skincare routine. Face oils are comprised of plant and/or synthetic oils and can provide a great boost of moisture to dry-prone skin. There are a variety of face oils with a range of textures and weights available, including jojoba oil and grape seed oil. The fatty acids found in plant oils are responsible for their moisturizing ability and the greater the number of fatty acids the heavier the weight of the oil.


Also, oils have different comedogenic ratings, which measures their potential to cause clogged pores. For instance, coconut oil has a fairly high comedogenic rating and therefore more likely to cause clogged pores than argan oil, which has a low rating and is not likely to clog pores. Because face oils provide such intense moisture, they may not be ideal for those with oily-prone or combination skin. With combination skin it is possible to add oil only to dry areas but it may be hard to keep the oil from gliding into oily areas of your skin.


It is best to try out several face oils to see what works best for you. The most important thing to remember about face oils is that they should be considered as a supplement to your moisturizer. Face oils lack many of the antioxidants and skin-rejuvenating ingredients your skin needs for that healthy, balanced glow. This winter consider adding your favorite face oil to CURA crème for maximum hydration and gorgeous, radiant skin!

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