Frequently Asked Questions


What is a pre-order?
Pre-ordering allows you to reserve a product by purchasing it before the product's release date.

How do I pre-order?
Click on the "PRE-ORDER NOW" button on the SHOP page. You will be directed to the checkout page where you can proceed with the checkout process. Note: You must complete the checkout process to pre-order your product.

When will my pre-order ship?
The estimated release date is listed below the "PRE-ORDER NOW" button on the SHOP page. We will ship within 1-2 business days of the release.

What happens if the release date changes?
On occasion a release date can change. If this happens with a product you have pre-ordered, we will notify you via email of the updated release date. 

Will you remind me of my pre-order?
No. You will only receive notifications if the release date changes or once your order ships.

Can I cancel my pre-order?
Yes. If you need to cancel your pre-order prior to shipping, please contact us at We will be happy to assist with your order cancellation. 

Shipping & Returns

View our return policy here.

Product Questions

Where does CURA obtain its ingredients?
CURA is dedicated to using only the finest ingredients. We source our ingredients from all over the world and require a Certificate of Analysis for all incoming ingredients. This proves that the ingredients are free from radiation, pesticide residues, and microbial contamination. Our lab conducts further tests before each ingredient is used and formulates each product with optimal levels of the pre-approved ingredients. 

Do CURA products contain parabens and other potentially harmful ingredients?
No. CURA products do not contain parabens or other potentially harmful chemicals including sulfates, phthalates, and PEGs. CURA uses alternative preservative systems that are deemed safe and effective. Our full ingredients list (INCI list) can be found on each product page. 


How can I be sure your products are effective?
Every CURA product starts with thorough scientific research on all potential ingredients. Each product is carefully formulated with an effective concentration of these active ingredients. Following formulation, all products are tested for safety and stability. 

Are your products safe?
Yes, absolutely. CURA products contain quality ingredients that have been carefully researched and proven safe for topical, external use. Our products are tested to ensure freedom from microbial contamination. Also, our formulas are tested to ensure they have an effective shelf life.

Are your products made in the USA?
All CURA products are developed and manufactured in the USA. 

Are your products tested on animals or contain animal-derived ingredients?
No. CURA does not test products on animals and our formulas do not contain any animal by-products. 


For additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our CONTACT page.