Calcium is the key.

Calcium is a mineral that’s required for almost every cellular process in our body. We can’t live without it. Even though it’s better known for strengthening bones and teeth, calcium plays an equally important role in skincare.​ 


Think of calcium as skin's protector-in-chief. Its job is to hydrate, protect, and renew skin. All of our products are formulated with calcium along with high-performance ingredients to give your skin the youthful, healthy glow it deserves.

Key Benefits of Calcium

HYDRATION- Prevents water loss so skin stays moisturized

SKIN RENEWAL- Promotes skin cell regeneration for renewed skin

PROTECTION- Protects skin from UV rays and bacteria

What Makes Us Different

CURA is the first and only skincare line focused on the regenerative and reparative benefits of calcium. Our proprietary RENOVOCEL™ Complex - a trifecta of calcium, caffeine, and green tea - helps promote skin renewal. By harnessing the remarkable powers of calcium, CURA offers results-driven, science-backed skincare that helps restore your skin's natural glow.

Breakthrough Innovation

Developed by Dr. Michelle Tu, RENOVOCEL™ Complex is groundbreaking technology for skin renewal and barrier restoration. This unique complex helps to restore the calcium found in youthful, healthy skin and stimulates skin cell regeneration.


  • Penetrates into deepest layer of the skin to help activate skin stem cells and promote regeneration

  • Restores calcium levels to revive skin's natural, youthful radiance

  • Shields and protects skin from free radicals, oxidants, and skin-damaging factors